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Wed Jun 26 12:05:05 UTC 2019

A question for the group. 

I have created a series of Google Sheets spreadsheets for a client. Her
employees each fill out a timesheet, all of which are linked to a
roll-up document that summarizes each week's payroll, etc. Each employee
is linked to a separate sheet in the rollup sheet, which then uses some
other sheets to summarize the payroll info. In my testing, these all
work as designed all of the time. 

Over the past 3 months, I have had a number of issues where the formulas
in the roll up sheets become disorganized. A link to F4 will turn into
F187. I solved those problems by using Absolute values (e.g. $F$4) and
they do not seem to have reoccured. i have protected some ranges, but
since she is the owner, she can override the protection. 

This past week, two cells were overwritten by what looks like text from
another part of the sheet (i.e., F4 and F15 were overwritten by text in
F3 and F4). I do have a couple of scripts, but they simply copy the same
named range each week and paste it as values on another sheet. 

My client si not very computer literate and is very awkward in using
computers. I am attributing her problems to her inadvertent copy and
pasting or moving cells since I cannot find any code or other way of
making these changes except by a copy or move and paste or something

Does anyone else have these problems or any suggestions? I could do this
in Excel with complete confidence that I can protect against any
inadvertent changes, but Google Sheets is another beast entirely. We
need to use Sheets because her office is distributed and everyone is
on-line and not on a LAN. 

Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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