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One last piece of info: she and most of her office are on Macs, if that
makes a difference. I do not think she knows about keyboard shortcuts,
but could be inadvertently using them.

On 2019-06-26 6:05 am, dlesser at ptraining.com wrote:

> A question for the group. 
> I have created a series of Google Sheets spreadsheets for a client. Her employees each fill out a timesheet, all of which are linked to a roll-up document that summarizes each week's payroll, etc. Each employee is linked to a separate sheet in the rollup sheet, which then uses some other sheets to summarize the payroll info. In my testing, these all work as designed all of the time. 
> Over the past 3 months, I have had a number of issues where the formulas in the roll up sheets become disorganized. A link to F4 will turn into F187. I solved those problems by using Absolute values (e.g. $F$4) and they do not seem to have reoccured. i have protected some ranges, but since she is the owner, she can override the protection. 
> This past week, two cells were overwritten by what looks like text from another part of the sheet (i.e., F4 and F15 were overwritten by text in F3 and F4). I do have a couple of scripts, but they simply copy the same named range each week and paste it as values on another sheet. 
> My client si not very computer literate and is very awkward in using computers. I am attributing her problems to her inadvertent copy and pasting or moving cells since I cannot find any code or other way of making these changes except by a copy or move and paste or something similar. 
> Does anyone else have these problems or any suggestions? I could do this in Excel with complete confidence that I can protect against any inadvertent changes, but Google Sheets is another beast entirely. We need to use Sheets because her office is distributed and everyone is on-line and not on a LAN. 
> Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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