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My wife calls her relatives in Greece all the time.  She used to use a separate phone service to call (and I cannot remember the name of that service right now – you would call a special number, then dial the phone in Greece).  I used to get Skype video calls from the beach when she would stay longer than me (she’s a college professor and has the summers off).  Now she uses Facebook messenger for most of the calls with the relatives.  Its free and the quality is just as good if not better than the service she used to use.  So if that is an option, and it took some time to get the 80 year old uncles on board (smart phone + training), that is what I’d recommend – Facebook messenger.





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Seeking sugg'ns on how to talk to a friend traveling in Egypt and India, cellphone to cellphone.


It's not about SIM cards, which phones, plans, etc. -- I've seen those discussions.


I'm just looking for an alternative to WhatsApp. Maybe something here?: 



It's an iOS-to-Android phone connection, so no FaceTime, far as I can tell. We just want to talk -- don't necessarily need to see each other on the little screen.


This is probably simple -- I've just never done it before. 


Thanks for any advice,

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