[Hidden-tech] Need advice on some threatening emails

Stephen Michel s at smichel.me
Tue Apr 23 19:31:31 UTC 2019

Ignore it. I've recieved similar emails and am sure I am not infected. 
They're just preying on people who aren't tech savvy enough to verify 
their claims.

The "this email comes from your address" part is likely spoofed email 
headers to make it *look* like it was sent by you, even though it was 
actually sent from a different address.

Plus — and this goes for all ransom and extortion schemes — you 
shouldn't pay them even if they did have some dirt on you. They don't 
lose their leverage once you've paid them, so there's no guarantee they 
won't simply demand more money afterwards.
I try to write short, functional emails.

On Tue, Apr 23, 2019 at 5:32 PM, Izzy G via Hidden-discuss 
<hidden-discuss at lists.hidden-tech.net> wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> I've gotten some threatening emails and am not sure how best to 
> respond. I have changed the pw.
>   one example (of 3 or 4 similar messages) are below. First one came 
> in a few day sago and today there are 4 of them. Please advise.
> Many Thanks,
> Izzy
> izzygesell at yahoo.com
> Sample 1:
> Hello,
> As you may have noticed, I sent this email from your email account 
> (if you didn't see, check the from Sender email ID.)
>  In other words, I have full access to your email account.
>  I infected you with a malware (RAT) / (Remote Administration Tool), 
> a few months back when you visited an adult site, and since then, I 
> have been observing your actions.
>  The malware gave me full access and control over your system, 
> meaning, I can see everything on your screen, turn on your camera or 
> microphone and you won't even notice about it.
>  I have also access to all your contacts.
>  I made a video showing both you (through your webcam) and the video 
> you were watching (on the screen) while statisfying yourself.
>  I can send this video to all your contacts (email, social network)!
>  You can prevent me from doing this.
>  To stop me, transfer exactly 900$ with the current (BTC) BITCOIN 
> price, to my bitcoin address.
>  I think it's a very good price compared to the damage, hell and 
> suffering, it will bring into your life!
>  If you do not know how to get bitcoin, Google - "How to buy Bitcoin".
>  Your wallet you can create here: 
> www.login.blockchain.com/en/#/signup/ - to receive and send the 
> bitcoin.
>  My bitcoin adress is: 17jHsGecV53ro2LGzo53s5trTH6Qf3gksS
>  After receiving the payment, I will delete the video, and we will 
> forget everything!
>  I give you 8 days to get the bitcoins.
>  Since I already have access to your system, I know when you read 
> this email.
>  Don't share this email with anyone, this is our little secret!
>  MsgID: 0639343481


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