[Hidden-tech] Got my PC today. How do I get it exchanging files with the Mac?

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Good point Ed,

While Windows 10 does come preinstalled with defender (their version of an anti-malware/antivirus in one); it's real life capture  and "defend" rate has been less than acceptable.  Independent rating and reviews put it as: "using a hoodie as a means of warmth during a blizzard, while it might be warmer than just a t-shirt, it isn't handling real life".
Some users have even experienced and reported legit software being uninstalled due to it being flagged as virus/malware, software that usually is a competitor to one of Microsoft's products.
You can leave it on if you like and use it, it is better than "just a t-shirt".  I've found that the combination of one of the free anti-virus versions (that get tested and rated every year publicly); and an anti-malware product (malware isn't considered a virus, the 30 browser add bars that have been installed over the years from various sites/programs are not malicious code written to take over your data/machine, just annoyances trying to make money), the combination of those two products can drastically reduce the chances of infections/issues.
There are other add-ons you can install for your browsers ( mainly chrome and Firefox browsers) to further give you anonymity and further prevention, but the combination of anti-virus + anti-malware should cover 95% of the common stuff.
The other thing to keep in mind is that both of these products combined don't stop everything, they usually get updated once a new virus has been found by a large margin of people, so if you happen to be the first few that catch it... there's nothing preventing it.

The way I explain it to people is: it's like the flu/cold, you can eat right, excercise, take multi-vitamins, get the flu shot, wash your hands like crazy and avoid sick people; while you might be better off than the person that did nothing, you're still not immune to it, you just drastically reduce your chances. And it's the same for computers. No software will prevent it from happening, just reduce it. And nothing replaces good surfing/email habits.

Hope this helps,

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Not to scoff (I know it’s Microsoft), but doesn’t Windows10 come with anti-malware software?

Ed Bride

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There are a bunch of free antivirus programs out there, or even paid ones with free variants. The top two for the last decade or so are: AVG and Avast. Recently Avast baught out AVG so they are owned by the same company but still two separate products.
I've been using both for years but have found that AVG seems to be a little more "hefty" to run as of the last 2 or 3 years, so I've gone to Avast. Just be careful/mindfull because both products try to install a bunch of other stuff to "help" you out. And make sure to put either of them into "gaming mode" so as to stop anoying pop ups.  With either product they kind of want you to run manual scans but there is a "burried" way to set up scheduled automatic scans, a little Google and you'll find it.
Pair that with Malwarebytes Anti-malware (free to use in manual mode, pay mode for schedules and live services), and this should cover 99% of everything you run into that's bad.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks, everyone. I don't have iCloud (always been a bit suspicious of Apple's data grabs) but I do have carbonite. I should be able to make it work that way or via the router. I also found a nice list that gives the basic keyboard commands.
Three more questions:
My machine came with McAffee but they want to charge me annually. What's a good freebie virus protection?
In Gmail, what's the keyboard command to send a message?In a browser, what are the keyboard commands to zoom in or out?
Grateful, as always,

Shel Horowitz - "The Transformpreneur"(sm)

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