[Hidden-tech] Got my PC today. How do I get it exchanging files with the Mac?

Edward Bride ed at edbride-pr.com
Fri Mar 16 11:14:06 EDT 2018

Not to scoff (I know it's Microsoft), but doesn't Windows10 come with
anti-malware software? 


Ed Bride


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There are a bunch of free antivirus programs out there, or even paid ones
with free variants. The top two for the last decade or so are: AVG and
Avast. Recently Avast baught out AVG so they are owned by the same company
but still two separate products.

I've been using both for years but have found that AVG seems to be a little
more "hefty" to run as of the last 2 or 3 years, so I've gone to Avast. Just
be careful/mindfull because both products try to install a bunch of other
stuff to "help" you out. And make sure to put either of them into "gaming
mode" so as to stop anoying pop ups.  With either product they kind of want
you to run manual scans but there is a "burried" way to set up scheduled
automatic scans, a little Google and you'll find it. 

Pair that with Malwarebytes Anti-malware (free to use in manual mode, pay
mode for schedules and live services), and this should cover 99% of
everything you run into that's bad.

Hope this helps,


From: Shel Horowitz

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Subject: Re: [Hidden-tech] Got my PC today. How do I get it exchanging
fileswith the Mac?

To: Hidden-Tech Tech

Thanks, everyone. I don't have iCloud (always been a bit suspicious of
Apple's data grabs) but I do have carbonite. I should be able to make it
work that way or via the router. I also found a nice list that gives the
basic keyboard commands. 

Three more questions: 

My machine came with McAffee but they want to charge me annually. What's a
good freebie virus protection?

In Gmail, what's the keyboard command to send a message?In a browser, what
are the keyboard commands to zoom in or out? 

Grateful, as always,

Shel Horowitz - "The Transformpreneur"(sm)


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