[Hidden-tech] Got my PC today. How do I get it exchanging files with the Mac?

Shel Horowitz shel at principledprofit.com
Wed Mar 7 09:47:00 EST 2018

Thanks, Richard. I was trying to connect them directly, and you explained
why it wasn't working. I might have a yellow or gray Internet cable that
would be the cross-connect, but I also can try going over the cloud via
Carbonite or plugging both into the router.

Though it seems something's gone a bit wonky with my Carbonite and I'll
have to call them and get talked through it.

Also can't figure out where the programs are hiding the menus in both
Chrome and Edge. On a Mac, they're always at the top and always start with
File and Edit, in any program. And what do people recommend for a keyboard
macro program?

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On Wed, Mar 7, 2018 at 6:49 AM, Richard Danek <rcdanek at gmail.com> wrote:

> When you say " I cabled the two laptops together with a blue Ethernet
> cable "...what exactly does that mean. Did you use a switch or hub between
> them. Did you, instead connect through a router. Or, did you connect
> directly between the computers.
>    1. if you connect directly then you need to have a special
>    cross-connect cable. With that, you have to set the two computers to
>    different IP addresses manually. (Something like or
> with similar address masks.) These settings, on a Windows 10
>    system, are available in Settings.
>    2. If you use a hub or switch then it's likely you have a DHCP host
>    somewhere. It should be handing out IP addresses for you. Often, if you use
>    a cable modem, it will have a switch and DHCP router built into it. You
>    could use that and the computer would figure things out on its own.
> So, what "exactly" do you have?

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