[Hidden-tech] Converting .p65 files to something open-able/editable

Zach Fried zach at localprosper.com
Mon Aug 14 21:27:19 EDT 2017

Hi Hope,

I have InDesign CS6 on a desktop computer - we could certainly convert them
to PDF or newer InDesign file.



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On Mon, Aug 14, 2017 at 9:37 AM, Hope Nilsson <hnilsson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> My dad has a bunch of .p65 files from his days of working in PageMaker.
> He'd like to be able to open and edit them again. I've done some research
> that says the last version of InDesign that could open .p65 files is CS6
> and that the only way to get CS6 is to install the latest version of
> InDesign and then use its ability to install a previous version by clicking
> on an icon in the notifications area. In my perfect world, I'd like to find
> someone/some tool that could convert these files to something he could
> view/edit without buying the full InDesign suite. He's 81 and having
> cognitive issues so, while he thinks he'd like to edit these files, I
> suspect he's just frustrated that he can't see what's in them anymore and
> probably won't do much more than look at them because re-learning the tools
> to edit them is difficult for him now.
> Can anyone advise me about options I might try? I'm happy to pay someone
> to convert them to something editable. I'm not sure how many files we're
> talking about but I can try and sort that out if it even seems like an
> option.
> Thanks!
> Hope
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