[Hidden-tech] Converting .p65 files to something open-able/editable

Hope Nilsson hnilsson at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 09:37:24 EDT 2017

Hi folks,

My dad has a bunch of .p65 files from his days of working in PageMaker.
He'd like to be able to open and edit them again. I've done some research
that says the last version of InDesign that could open .p65 files is CS6
and that the only way to get CS6 is to install the latest version of
InDesign and then use its ability to install a previous version by clicking
on an icon in the notifications area. In my perfect world, I'd like to find
someone/some tool that could convert these files to something he could
view/edit without buying the full InDesign suite. He's 81 and having
cognitive issues so, while he thinks he'd like to edit these files, I
suspect he's just frustrated that he can't see what's in them anymore and
probably won't do much more than look at them because re-learning the tools
to edit them is difficult for him now.

Can anyone advise me about options I might try? I'm happy to pay someone to
convert them to something editable. I'm not sure how many files we're
talking about but I can try and sort that out if it even seems like an

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