[Hidden-tech] Donor Management Systems and email

Ed Bride Ed at edbride-pr.com
Wed Dec 14 13:42:30 EST 2016

Hidden Techies,


Under a non-profit hat that I wear, I have subscribed to a Donor Management
service called Little Green Light. Largely self-help, our list of donors has
been uploaded, etc. But now, in order to send a fundraising e-blast, we need
to subscribe to something called SendGrid. A stressed-out volunteer is
working on this, and neither of us had ever heard of SendGrid. Is anyone on
the list familiar with this process? I'm really just trying to get a letter
out this week, hoping to have it customized with the list we have uploaded.


Thanks in advance,



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Edward J. Bride

Technology Public Relations

Twitter: @EdwardBride

LinkedIn: Ed Bride


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