[Hidden-tech] Foreign income

Marcia Yudkin yudkinyudkin at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 14 09:49:06 EST 2016

Hi everyone,

It looks like I'm making a licensing arrangement with a company in Malaysia for some of my online courses.

Does anyone know - or can refer me to a layman's summary of - the rules for foreign royalty income?

Malaysia does *not* have a tax treaty with the US.  I looked that up.  But I can't remember what that means, exactly.  I have a vague memory of having received publishing royalties from South Korea, once, and something like 20% was deducted and just lost (forfeited) because of there not being a tax treaty.  Is that what happens?

And if so, where does that withheld money go?  Does it go to the foreign government to satisfy their taxes?  Or is it sent to the IRS?

I did try doing a search on this issue but could not understand the pages that came up.

Marcia Yudkin


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