[Hidden-tech] Seeking to hire consultant to help find the right app for my business

Erica Silber erica at writtenwings.com
Wed Dec 14 17:17:23 EST 2016

Hi all,
I am a solopreneur looking for a more sophisticated project management app
which I will need to begin using by January 1. What I need does not seem to
be searchable on Google and it is taking way too long to look through
project management app websites one by one to figure out if they have what
I want, as none so far do. I'm hoping somebody out there is very
knowledgeable about what apps are available and what their features are, so
I can hire you for a consulting session and you can lead me to the best
program for me. Please contact me if you can help, or if you know someone
else who might be able to, please feel free to forward this message and/or
send me their contact info.

Here's what I need:
1. A program that will allow me to estimate project time for my own
internal purposes (not to make bids to clients), and then give me a visual
comparison between my estimates and actuals so I can hone my estimating
skills and get a good sense of my typical margin of error.

2. A program that will allow me to enter my project time estimates and
deadlines, preferably with a margin of error, and my desired hours in a
given time frame (biweekly and monthly), and give me a picture of how full
my schedule is so that I can determine whether I have availability for new
projects. This is without precisely scheduling how much time per day I
expect to spend, as my work cannot be that precisely scheduled in advance.
I typically think in terms of 2-week chunks. I need the program to update
in real time as I clock time on each project, so whenever a new inquiry
comes in, I can see a snapshot of my availability.

3. I need a timer to track my time on tasks and projects and then develop
invoices. I bill hourly with different rates for different clients and
sometimes for different tasks, and I need to invoice clients by project,
not by task. (I am currently using Paydirt, which will only add time by
task, so I actually have to edit every invoice manually with a calculator.)
I also need all of the usual reports that come with time tracking and
invoicing programs.

Those are the primary pieces. If you think you can help, please email me at
erica at writtenwings.com or call me at 413-923-1704.


Erica Diane Silber
Written Wings
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Erica at WrittenWings.com

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