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Pat King pat at woodpenny.com
Wed Oct 28 00:29:03 EDT 2015

Thanks for those who responded individually, I just had a really nice
interview released with James from Valley Nerd Watch, who also is a
co-organizer for Nerd Nite <http://noho.nerdnite.com> in Noho. Great
resource for all things nerdy in the Pioneer Valley for those interested!

Article here:

Thanks again hidden-tech!

On Mon, Oct 26, 2015 at 10:54 AM, Pat King <pat at woodpenny.com> wrote:

> Hi Hidden-Tech,
> I'm looking for suggestions for connecting with local press to help to
> spread the word about a crowdfunding campaign for an app my studio is
> developing. I've reached out to a number of publications and media channels
> in the area but can't seem to get any bites. Does anyone have any good
> suggestions? Here's what we're working on below for reference.
> Thank you so much!
> - - -
> Over the past 3 months, my studio Woodpenny <http://www.woodpenny.com>
> has been working on developing an iOS app of what is essentially an
> animated music video for a singer songwriter named Ben Sollee
> <http://www.bensollee.com>. Why do we think this is interesting?  The
> "music video" is better described as an interactive music viewing
> experience.  We're using a 3D game engine that allows us to animate in a 3D
> environment, which gives the person viewing the "music video" the ability
> to view the world in 360° and any direction. We are choreographing all of
> the animations and effects to music.  We're building this for use with the
> Google Cardboard VR headset so the viewer can experience this "music video"
> in Standard or Virtual Reality. What's really hard? Explaining what this is
> and how amazing of an experience it is.
> We're 95% complete with development and are using the Indiegogo flexible
> funding platform to crowdfund which will help cover the music recording and
> app development costs. We're 45% funded and have 10 days left in our
> campaign.
> *Link to the campaign*
> http://igg.me/at/vanishing-point/x/12031916
> *Videos for reference*
> The Vanishing Point App - User Feedback
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDYQD21g54c>
> The Vanishing Point - Standard vs Virtual Reality Use
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RDJkA-lbCtE>
> The Vanishing Point VR tech demo with Woodpenny
> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEdYOiQ_W7Y>
> *Current Press*
> http://www.techrepublic.com/article/q-a-ben-sollee-tells-techrepublic-how-his-virtual-reality-app-will-innovate-the-experience-of-music/
> [image: Inline image 1]
> --
> *Pat* King
> *wood*penny.com
> skype  |  faceofpat
> phone  |  413.325.5804


*Pat* King

skype  |  faceofpat
phone  |  413.325.5804
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