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This isn¹t the most helpful reply, but I had to leave it because of the
bizarre coincidence that on the very same day you asked this question, a
client asked for the latest version of the one such PDF my firm made back in
2009. So it could be done with the then current version of Adobe Acrobat,
and I think we did not use the most current version. The employee who made
it is no longer with us, and while I¹m sure my programmer could figure it
out, I recommend finding someone who has worked with such files recently.
But I know it can be done.

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Hi Listmates - 

Occasionally I have a customer for one of my home-study courses who is quite
insistent that they need to be able to take notes right in the document they
are reading.

I understand that it's possible to create PDFs where the reader can fill out
forms online. But I imagine that there are some limitations with those?
Wouldn't you have to create fields with a specified size rather than one
that expands indefinitely?

Which version of Adobe do you need in order to create one of these things?

And do they still have security? So the average person can't quickly convert
the whole document into text? (I realize any PDF can be cracked by someone

Thank you for any insights, links or tips!

Marcia Yudkin 

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