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If they're on a Mac, they might want to start out with Preview, since it's free. PDFPen is the go-to app for fancier markup. This post has a recommendation for Windows and instructions for using Preview.


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On Mar 23, 2014, at 7:26 PM, Marcia Yudkin wrote:

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> Hi Listmates - 
> Occasionally I have a customer for one of my home-study courses who is quite insistent that they need to be able to take notes right in the document they are reading.
> I understand that it's possible to create PDFs where the reader can fill out forms online. But I imagine that there are some limitations with those? Wouldn't you have to create fields with a specified size rather than one that expands indefinitely?
> Which version of Adobe do you need in order to create one of these things?
> And do they still have security? So the average person can't quickly convert the whole document into text? (I realize any PDF can be cracked by someone knowledgeable.)
> Thank you for any insights, links or tips!
> Marcia Yudkin 
> www.yudkin.com
> Goshen
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