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Annamarie Pluhar annamarie at pluharconsulting.com
Sun Mar 10 19:14:52 EDT 2013

Hello All, 

Sometime, maybe two months ago,  I asked this list for advice about a financial app for Macs.  I got back some interesting suggestions and investigated them. None of them did quite what I wanted so I went back to wrestling with  SEE Finance the software I chose about a year ago.  

I maligned the software, so I'm writing this to correct the record. USER ERROR (as it so often happens.) One thing that I did that was seriously throwing me off was I set my mortgage payment to record automatically - but didn't realize that was the issue.  The documentation that comes with the software is thorough and opaque... kind of like a really good accountant... wonder why?  Now that I've gotten comfortable with the program I do recommend it. It made doing my taxes a breeze.  Just Quicken used to. 

So, it's good, it takes some learning. Happy to help anyone who decides to use it too. 


Annamarie Pluhar

Pluhar Consulting
802.579.5975 (cell)

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