[Hidden-tech] question for a designer maybe about ad layout

Lynne Rudié lynnerudie at verizon.net
Thu Feb 14 19:49:45 EST 2013

Hi Val
	These specs don't make sense to me either. 
	Have you seen a program from previous years (if this is not the first year)? A publication like a conference program should have a rate sheet that has the list of available ad sizes. Look for it in the section with things like acceptable file formats, bleed requirements, etc. There is also, usually, a graphic representation of the sizes with the exact measurements. (I'm speaking from experience of referring to rate sheets when I make ads, and from rate sheets I produce for people who advertise in the publications I design.)  If you didn't get the rate sheet, it might be on line on the conference website, or maybe the coordinator can email it to you.
	The smaller sizes will account for space between ads -- I would expect half of an 8 x 10 page to be more like 8 x 4.875 or 8 x 4.9375. 
	It's too bad that the conference coordinator is swamped and chances are that's why the numbers she gave you don't make sense. You can be sympathetic when you call her, but you need to check it out before you finalize your layout.
	Good luck

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On Feb 14, 2013, at 4:36 PM, Val Nelson wrote:

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> Hi HT friends and especially graphic designers,
> I am buying an ad in a conference program and they gave me specs that I find odd. I hate to bug the conference coordinator again because she say she is swamped. I'm wondering if I'm just naive about layout calculations, so perhaps someone else could shed some light.
> They say that a half page is  4" w x 5" h. And a full page is 8w x 10h. By my calculations, half of an 8x10 page would actually be 8 x 5. What makes sense to you?
> Thanks
> Val
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