[Hidden-tech] Sept 10, 2013 0 Plug Into - The Creative Valley, In Greenfield, sponsored by FACP & WMEDC

Rich Roth webmaster at hidden-tech.net
Wed Aug 28 09:42:35 EDT 2013

*Plug Into ............. The Creative Valley*

Creative Businesses ....... Join us in /*Greenfield*/ for an evening of networking and 
creative conversation.

Find out who else works around here and what they do!

Explore Opportunities to Buy Local, Connect and Network with other Entrepreneurs,
featuring free beer tasting provided by the BBC.

*The Fostering Art and Culture Project - Increasing artists' capacity, promoting cultural 
     and holding up the centrality of the arts in public life.

*Register at: *https://www.eventbrite.com/event/8042522401

/*Check out Facebook - Plug into the Creative Valley: 
*/Sponsored by WMEDC: /*http://www.westernmassedc.com/

FosterArtandCulture Project: http://www.fosteringartandculture.org/

Rich Roth
Webmaster/Steering Committee Member
Hidden-tech http://www.hidden-tech.net
The Talent you need is right here,
Join and share your skills
((Sponsored by Thrives Media))

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