[Hidden-tech] TEDxShelburneFalls talk topics, App, etc.

Stacy Kontrabecki swampdancer at comcast.net
Mon Oct 22 18:08:17 EDT 2012

I forgot to tell you folks that the 10 speakers talking on 11/3 have 
finalized their talk topics! Find them at the bottom-most link 
at www.TEDxShelburneFalls.com or download the free iPhone app 
<http://appbaker.com/en/tedx/?appid=563784568> for an interactive 
schedule, links to speaker social channels, bios, etc. Only 48 tickets 
left for the Memorial Hall event. Plenty of seats at the Mohawk High 
School simulcast - for now.

We got a nice article in today's Gazette 
& same story on front page of a weekend edition of the Recorder. 
Shelburne Falls & West County Independent has also done a nice job 
covering the conference.

Thanks to all the volunteers making this conference happen. There is not 
one service provider, organizer or stage talent getting paid to do this. 
Wow. WOW!

Hope to see you in Shelburne Falls on 11/3.

Stacy Kontrabecki, Curator
Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts USA
+1 (413) 625-9203
+1 (413) 834-3423 mobile

Inaugural event: Sat.Nov.3.2012

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