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Robin MacRostie rmacrostie at gmail.com
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Thanks Dave

As I said in a previous email to the group, I am positive that the
1. scammers are getting the phone number "ligitimatly from autofill on the
internet[ because I see their name coming up.

2.Comcast has an option that I can access in my own voice mail, to block a
number.  The telphone numbers on caller I.D. are always different.  I won't
waste my time any more.

3. My outgoing message now says"

Friends: I'm only check boice mail foe my cell
Telemarketers:  you are being reported to the DO NOT CALL  Registry

4.   I have written the Obama campaign about this.    Their sites now have
a message that they've suspended autofill.

On Fri, Oct 19, 2012 at 11:41 AM, <anderson at crocker.com> wrote:

>  Hi Robin,
> I don't know if you've received other helpful info on this. But let me
> relate my experiences with nuisance calls earlier this year.
> My father lives in the Pittsfield area, with a Verizon service. Somehow he
> got loaded into a Springfield area school system automatic message system -
> probably someone got a phone number wrong. He was being awakened at 6 AM a
> couple times each week with recorded calls about Springfield school news!
> He called their offices, but they didn't do anything.
> I found that Verizon has a nuisance call reporting system. After a
> nuisance call, you dial a particular number, and it makes a record of the
> time and source of the last call to your number. After about six calls, I
> called the local police department, and gave them the info. They retrieved
> the record from Verizon, and had Springfield police pay a visit to the
> Springfield schools. Problem solved!
> I suspect this varies from place to place, and from one service to
> another. But if you search the web site of your phone service, you can
> probably find a similar facility for complaining about nuisance calls.
> Good luck,
> Dave Anderson
> On Wednesday 17/10/2012 at 7:42 pm, Robin MacRostie wrote:
> This has been going on for months.  There is a recorded message with an
> option to press a number to discontinue receiving calls.   That response
> has been ignored repeatedly as have requests to live operator.  The pitch
> begins  with a free offer and scare  statistics aimed at seniors that claim
> to be from an  FBI report.  Nothing deters these scammers.  They seem to be
> harvesting numbers from autofill on the internet.   their name, Home
> Protection always comes up.   The name comes up  on autofillfor the do not
> call registry  site as well.
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