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That's a problem in such a largely unpopulated country. We can't compare
here to Europe, which in many of the more prosperous regions, has a much
higher population density.

The problem is simple: we either use WiFi (or some variant) or the cell
phone network. In the cases of WiFi we are limited to a one watt
transmission (actually most WiFi card set-ups are around 0.1 watt, a rare
few provide 0.2 watts). One doesn't expect the range of a 0.2 watt
transmitter to be all that far. We can make up for this by having many "hot
spots," but that requires "users."

The cell phone frequencies are owned by the cell companies. They have a
vested interest in expending infrastructure money where revenue can be
gained. This is usually not in the middle of the desert, or some of the
hills of W. MA.

So it's a satellite, or tethered to a phone line, as my son is in Ashfield
near Hawley.

Jim Ussailis

PS If you want a laugh, look up Greenvale, Nova Scotia. I have the old
family farm right where Google maps says Greenvale is. Population = 0
humans. Many deer, some bear, fish, etc. Even a fisher was spotted there.
And I get fine cell service! Of course the TransCanada Hwy isn't all that
far away.

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I'm very curious about this as well. I am headed to Yellowstone and 
grand Canyon and was trying to figure out if I would be able to get a 
mobile hot spot and find activities along the way? Has anyone tried 
these in the Great West?  I hope it's okay to jump into this question, 
sorry if it's not.
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> "Deja vu all over again"
> Perhaps I didn't spell it right, but here's the plot.
> Many, many years ago we put FM radio in the boss' car. One of the very
> first. The plan was a first production run of 5000 units. The boss 
> drove
> over the Mystic River Bridge. Next day, we started trying to 
> understand &
> fix the problem.
> The metal supports of the bridge caused signal reflection so that 
> there was
> a woshing sound as he drove near every support. This also occurred 
> when he
> drove down the Fenway, here the woshing was caused by the trees that 
> line
> the street.
> The problem is now known as "multipath" propagation. Signal coming via 
> more
> than one path, so the two (or more) signals have a probability of 
> canceling
> each other. This is annoying with a weak signal in your car radio.
> Computers don't get annoyed.
> That gadget will probably work very well sitting on a table in the 
> nearest
> bistro, or at a meeting, ball game, etc. But I would worry about it in 
> a
> rapidly moving train. It's effectiveness would depend on the distance 
> to
> each phone cell site you go past, the amount of vegetation near the 
> tracks,
> bridges, etc.
> Someday trains will do as planes do now. Use a satellite service for
> internet, and place a WiFi access point in each car.
> A suggestion; get a good return policy if it doesn't work as well as 
> you
> think it should.
> Jim Ussailis
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