[Hidden-tech] Saving Voice Mails from Cell phone to Computer.....

Jeff Mackler jeff at rubberneck.net
Thu Sep 9 11:11:26 EDT 2010

The way that I retrieve them for storage is using Verizon's Visual Voicemail.  I don't know that it's available for all phones, but on mine, I have it and can just select a message and select 'send message via email'.  This allows me to send myself the voicemail as an audio file to my computer, where I store it, or you could burn it.  I am pretty sure that Verizon also gives you the ability to access them through their web interface at verizonwireless.com.  Just not sure if there's a 'download' option from there.


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> Hello All,
> I have voice mails that my kids left me over the years on my Verizon
> cell phone. I have been saving them, but now I am out of room for new
> voice mails. I would like to save these to a DVD or my computer. Does
> anyone know how I can get these messages off my cell phone and onto some
> other media to preserve them? I have checked with Verizon, and they
> offer, for a fee, to copy them to a DVD and send it to me. I just
> thought maybe there is another way.
> Thanks in advance….
> don
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