[Hidden-tech] bluetooth headset for "land-line" telephone

Jonathon Podolsky producer at wholehealthexpo.com
Sun Sep 13 06:46:26 EDT 2009

Regarding Stacy's original questions, here's what I'm gathering so far. Yes
there are landline phones that are bluetooth compliant, most commonly they
are phones that come with cordless handsets.

So your bluetooth headset would be able to use a landline if the phone is
bluetooth enabled and otherwise compatible with your headset. Ideally you
would have a multi-point cell phone, so your headset could easily switch to
use either device.

Here's another option: Uniden
CellLink, "If you have a Bluetooth v1.1 compliant mobile phone and
register it to the base, you can make or receive a call through your mobile
line as well as your normal land line."

VTech LS5145 <http://www.gizmag.com/go/8153/> "melds these two devices by
enabling users to make and answer cellular calls with the landline or
landline calls with a Bluetooth headset.”

Plantronics Savi
goes between VOIP and landline, but not cell.

Brian's idea of a Headset System with Lifter that can answer landline or
cell phone, would include "Plantronics 510
Headset System with Lifter" is an an intriguing option in general.
For your situation though, the downside is that it's a headset instead of a
landline, so it doesn't meet your goal of using your current headset.

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