[Hidden-tech] bluetooth headset for "land-line" telephone

Stacy Kontrabecki swampdancer at comcast.net
Wed Sep 16 13:57:54 EDT 2009

I have a Plantronics Discovery 925 bluetooth and wireless home office 
phone, so no cradle to lift from.  I prefer  not to go corded again 
(plus I can't until I re-route the Comcast cable in my house to my 
office). Looks like I could buy a cradled phone and a lifter that may 
work with my Discovery. I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm going to have to 
read through all these well-informed responses and see if I can make a 



Jonathon Podolsky wrote:
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> Regarding Stacy's original questions, here's what I'm gathering so 
> far. Yes there are landline phones that are bluetooth compliant, most 
> commonly they are phones that come with cordless handsets.
> So your bluetooth headset would be able to use a landline if the phone 
> is bluetooth enabled and otherwise compatible with your headset. 
> Ideally you would have a multi-point cell phone, so your headset could 
> easily switch to use either device. 
> Here's another option: Uniden ELBT595 
> <http://www.electronicexpress.com/product?prod_id=8134> uses CellLink, 
> "If you have a Bluetooth v1.1 compliant mobile phone and register it 
> to the base, you can make or receive a call through your mobile line 
> as well as your normal land line."
> VTech LS5145 <http://www.gizmag.com/go/8153/> "melds these two devices 
> by enabling users to make and answer cellular calls with the landline 
> or landline calls with a Bluetooth headset.”
> Plantronics Savi Office 
> <http://www.bestcovery.com/node/31496?whybest=1&best=31508> headset 
> goes between VOIP and landline, but not cell.
> Brian's idea of a Headset System with Lifter that can answer landline 
> or cell phone, would include "Plantronics 510 SL 
> <http://Plantronics%20Voyager%20510SL%20Bluetooth%20Headset%20System%20with%20Lifter> 
> Bluetooth Headset System with Lifter" is an an intriguing option in 
> general. For your situation though, the downside is that it's a 
> headset instead of a landline, so it doesn't meet your goal of using 
> your current headset.
> Jonathon
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