[Hidden-tech] bluetooth headset for "land-line" telephone

Brian Johnson site-hidden-tech at sherbang.com
Fri Sep 11 19:01:44 EDT 2009

Stacy Kontrabecki wrote:
> What I want to do is use the wireless headset that I own for my mobile 
> phone on my Vonage line at my home office number.
> I see there are consumer bluetooth enabled telephones on the market 
> that allow you to receive incoming calls to your mobile phone at your 
> land line telephone, but they don't seem to do what I'm suggesting, above.
> Since _I already have the bluetooth headset for mobile_ and I also 
> need to replace my home office telephone hardware, thought I'd get 
> something that would work with the headset. Very tired of the wired 
> headsets plugged into the cordless phone (_all my phones at home are 
> cordless_) - hard to move about the office while on a call.
> Any ideas?

Plantronics makes both bluetooth headsets and bluetooth lifters/adapters 
for a typical office desk phone. A lifter is a device that lifts your 
handset of your desk phone to activate it for the bluetooth.

They also sell one of the few (the only?) bluetooth headsets that can be 
paired with mutiple phones at the same time - so you can use the same 
headset with your cellphone and you office phone.  Most can only be 
paired with 1 phone at a time so you would need to go through the setup 
procedure each time you wanted to switch devices, or keep 2 headsets 
with you.

Anyway, a good place to look.  Plantronics has been a big name if office 
headsets for quite a long time, and their bluetooth stuff seems to also 
be very good quality.
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