[Hidden-tech] bluetooth headset for "land-line" telephone

R. David Murray rdmurray at bitdance.com
Wed Sep 9 09:35:18 EDT 2009

Stacy Kontrabecki wrote:
>  What I want to do is use the wireless headset that I own for my mobile
>  phone on my Vonage line at my home office number.
>  I see there are consumer bluetooth enabled telephones on the market that
>  allow you to receive incoming calls to your mobile phone at your land line
>  telephone, but they don't seem to do what I'm suggesting, above.
>  Since _I already have the bluetooth headset for mobile_ and I also need to
>  replace my home office telephone hardware, thought I'd get something that
>  would work with the headset. Very tired of the wired headsets plugged into
>  the cordless phone (_all my phones at home are cordless_) - hard to move
>  about the office while on a call.
>  Any ideas?

When I investigated this about two years ago I found exactly one
manufacturer (VTech) selling a landline phone base that supported
bluetooth headsets, and the reviews weren't that good.  I did not wind
up buying one because I needed other features the phone didn't support.
In the two years since I would hope that more manufacturers have jumped
into this space (which seems like something consumers would want).
I see that VTech has new models out, and hopefully the quality has
improved.  (Google found me http://www.smithgear.com/vt-ls6245.html;
see specifically the end of the third paragraph where they mention the
bluetooth headset support).

Maybe it's time I looked into this again myself.



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