[Hidden-tech] connecting in Leverett

Matt Lampiasi mattl at florenceit.net
Fri Sep 4 12:37:33 EDT 2009

This is a great  option, but be aware that those speed estimate is most 
likely based on full (all bars) 3G speeds, very unlikely in the woods.

Jan Werner wrote:
> Verizon has recently started selling the MiFi mobile hotspot, a tiny 
> portable AP/router that sets up a local WiFi network with Internet 
> access through their 3G cellular service. I believe it costs $100 with 
> a 2-year data contract and supposedly gets 1.5mbs down, 256kbs up.
> Engadget reviewed the Verizon MiFi a few months ago: 
> http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2009/05/13/verizon-mifi-2200-review/
> Sprint also sells their own version of the MiFi for their cell network.
> Jan Werner 

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