[Hidden-tech] connecting in Leverett - Thank you!

Andrew Bellak andrew at stakeholderscapital.com
Fri Sep 4 12:33:34 EDT 2009

Thanks everyone for your help and ideas.  I have Sprint and will see 
what kind of signal I get in Leverett for reference.


Robert Heller wrote:
> At Fri, 04 Sep 2009 08:32:56 -0400 jwerner at jwdp.com wrote:
>> Verizon has recently started selling the MiFi mobile hotspot, a tiny 
>> portable AP/router that sets up a local WiFi network with Internet 
>> access through their 3G cellular service. I believe it costs $100 with a 
>> 2-year data contract and supposedly gets 1.5mbs down, 256kbs up.
>> Engadget reviewed the Verizon MiFi a few months ago: 
>> http://www.engadgetmobile.com/2009/05/13/verizon-mifi-2200-review/
>> Sprint also sells their own version of the MiFi for their cell network.
> It used to be that these routers for EVDO/3G celluar Internet were an
> obsure piece of hardware (asking for one would totally confuse the
> people in the Verizon and/or Sprint 'stores' and/or Radio Shack, etc.)
> that had be to had on-line someplace.  I guess this is changing...
>> Jan Werner
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>> Robert Heller wrote:
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>>> At Thu, 03 Sep 2009 15:01:05 -0400 andrew at stakeholderscapital.com wrote:
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>>>>    ** Be sure to fill out the survey/skills inventory in the member's area.
>>>>    ** If you did, we all thank you.
>>>> Hey HT,
>>>> Trying to help a friend who moved to Leverett right near the Cushman 
>>>> section of N. Amherst.
>>>> What are suggestions for cellular and/or internet service there?  We 
>>>> don't think verizon DSL nor Comcast Cable reach there and ATT cellular 
>>>> gets no signal.
>>> I think there is *Verizon* EVDO/3G (or whatever Verizon calls Internet
>>> over celluar) service out of a cell tower somewhere N. Amherst, so you
>>> have to get a *Verizon* 'Air Card'.  You can get an 'Air Card' (either
>>> PCMCIA or USB) and use that.  It is possible to get a router that takes
>>> a PCMCIA card and some PCMCIA cards can take a cable to a roof-top
>>> antenna -- the router lets you connect up multiple desktop machines
>>> (with CAT5 cables) or multiple laptops (802.11<mumble> WiFi).  The
>>> antenna can be used to deal with a weak signal. Otherwise, your friend
>>> is going to have to get one of those 'old fashioned' RS232 modems (yes,
>>> they still make them and many of use still use them) and be reduced to
>>> 56K (or worse, given the cruddy nature of what passes for POTS up here
>>> in the sticks).  That is right, *most* of us hilltown folk are still
>>> using *dial-up* internet.  Verizon DSL *might* reach, but the phone
>>> cables are cruddy and NOT up to spec -- DSL is supposed to reach 18,000
>>> (a little over 3 miles) cable feet from the DSLAM, but where they have
>>> put in DSLAMs (southern Leverett and Shutsburry), the signal is not
>>> quite reaching 2 miles (< 10,000 feet).
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Andrew
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