[Hidden-tech] connecting in Leverett

Michael Billingsley michaelbix at straight-arrow.cc
Fri Sep 4 01:59:37 EDT 2009

What's the story on AT&T's satellite-direct?   They sell card-slot  
and maybe even USB-mounted satellite Internet receivers that  
shouldn't be obstructed up there.

Michael Billingsley
Straight Arrow Recordings

On  3 September 09, at 3:01 PM, Andrew Bellak wrote:

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> member's area.
>    ** If you did, we all thank you.
> Hey HT,
> Trying to help a friend who moved to Leverett right near the  
> Cushman section of N. Amherst.
> What are suggestions for cellular and/or internet service there?   
> We don't think verizon DSL nor Comcast Cable reach there and ATT  
> cellular gets no signal.
> Thanks,
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