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It occurrs to ask if onine training courses will be a core product, a sideline or a necessity because their core product has a learning curve. At NELINET, a library consortia support company, online and live training is a core product and there are a lot of infrastructure devoted to course delivery via the Adobe Connect and Centra in conjunction with moodle, sakai and drupal. Moodle is great for the course materials management. If there is a lecture componant, you need to decide how to deliver it, i.e. audio, video etc. as well. moodle won't do that part alone.

Steve Wills

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Hello All,
I have a customer who wants to be able to offer some online training courses and we are looking for a simple, clean, inexpensive learning management system to use. The courseware will probably be a mix of HTML and Flash videos. What we need is a place to house the content and control who has access to it, and track who has taken a given course. It would be nice but not essential to be able to include quizzes and track how someone did on the quizzes. We would prefer not to have lots of "bells and whistles" (or at least have these features be hideable), especially the sorts of extra features that are included in systems targeted at primary school users, since the students in our case would be professionals. 
We could, of course, develop our own system but before going down that road it seems to make sense to make sure there is not something off the shelf that would do the job.
The customer does have a budget to pay for a system but cannot spend thousands on one of the higher-end corporate-grade systems. 
The customer's website is hosted on a shared server so any solution either needs to be compatible with a typical shared Linux server setup or needs to be a solution that runs from the vendor's servers.
Any suggestions?
Bruce Hooke

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