[Hidden-tech] Hypergrid Entrepreneur Group Thursday tonight -- on OSGrid

Maria Korolov (Trombly) maria at tromblyltd.com
Wed Sep 2 09:31:35 EDT 2009

Thursday is the weekly Hypergrid Entrepreneur Group meeting, for people
interested in business on the virtual web.

The meeting is on OSGrid (osgrid.org) in the HYPERGRID BUSINESS region. To
get there after you log into or teleport to OSGrid, is to click on the Map
tab (at bottom right) then enter *Hypergrid Business* into the search box.

(If you don't have one yet, you will need to download the free Hippo
You will also need an account on
If you are coming from off-grid, you can hypergrid teleport to any OSGrid
location <http://www.hypergridbusiness.com/2009/08/august-hypergrid-list/>,
then do a local teleport to the  Hypergrid Business region.) If you have
problems logging in please don't hesitate to call me at home at

*Thursday's agenda: *

*Web-based access is coming*: 3Di OpenViewer has come out with a bare-bones,
no-texture version of their client that will work with any OpenSim grid. A
few people have tried it out, and it works great -- even has chat and local,
in-grid, teleports. There are no textures displayed, and avatars are puffy
white clouds, but that's supposed to be on its way, the developers say. What
will this mean to business? Is the dawn of the sim-commerce age... well,

*New Meerkat*: There's a new release of Meerkat browser (the one that allows
you to save your builds and objects offline) with added support for media.
But the 4096 teleport bug still seems to be in place. That means we still
have to make a series of hops to get to southern grids like ReactionGrid --
or to all those standalones that are located by default in the deep south.
Well, deep southwest, to be more accurate. In terms of geography, that puts
OSGrid and FrancoGrid and most other big grids floating above Boston, while
ReactionGrid and standalones are floating above Los Angeles. And you can't
fly direct, but have to go through Atlanta and Omaha. The folks working on
the viewer say the problem is in the OpenSim server software. The folks
working on the OpenSim server software say the problem is in the viewer. And
because the two sets of software are under different open source licenses,
they're not allowed to look over each others' shoulders. Will this madness
never end?!

*ValleyGrid progress*: Jim and Dave have been working on getting grid
services up and running, as well as voice, and Maria and Denis and Anastasia
have been working on getting demo products, buildings, virtual offices set
up, as well as landscaping. We'll have some photos of virtual spaces up, and
free office space available for people willing to help out with the initial
construction. You can also visit ValleyGrid by hypergrid teleporting to *
valleygrid.org:9211* -- feel free to look around.

The meeting is at 8 p.m. tonight eastern, 5 p.m. Pacific, and, if you're in
Shanghai, it's at 8 a.m. Friday morning (sorry, guys!).

-- Maria

Maria Korolov
Editor & publisher, Hypergrid Business (hypergridbusiness.com)
President, Trombly Ltd.
508-443-1130 | maria at tromblyltd.com
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