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Stacy Kontrabecki sk at valleycdc.com
Tue Sep 23 14:13:25 EDT 2008

Valley CDC may be submitting an application in response to a Request for 
Grant Proposals from the MA Department of Business Development for the 
Small Business Technical Assistance Provider Grant Program.   We would 
like to expand our business & technology training  program. This grant 
would allow us to service small businesses of 20 or fewer employees, 
with no income or geographic restrictions.  (Our current course 
offerings, free for Easthampton-only residents or businesses with 5 or 
fewer employees, have income restrictions per the Community Development 
Block Grant language. See www.valleycdc.com/training for course details, 
particularly if you qualify.)

What I'm interested in knowing from you:

1.  If you are a small (20 employees or less) business; what training 
would you like to receive?  See my Easthampton listings for ideas.  I've 
already gotten several requests for a hands-on Joomla training as a 
result of my personal posting looking for just such a class. Keep in 
mind, too, Valley CDC has a mobile HP computer classroom that can 
accommodate hands-on PC learning for up to 10 students. 

2.  If you are a trainer, what would you like to teach?

Please forward me your brainstorms by Thursday, 9/25 morning,  and I'll 
condense this into a recommendation to our grant writer.

Stacy L. Kontrabecki, MBA
Coordinator, Small Business Assistance & Training
Valley Community Development Corporation
Easthampton, Massachusetts
sk at valleycdc.com   www.valleycdc.com   

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