[Hidden-tech] How to install WordPress on a server easily

Charlie Heath htcontact at town-websites.com
Mon Sep 22 13:33:28 EDT 2008

Something to consider if you use popular packages like Wordpress, 
Drupal, and Joomla; they're popular enough that hackers target them, and 
you should keep the installations up to date as well as follow security 
advice for the installations as well as any addons, templates, etc that 
you install with them.

Hosting companies don't always keep the latest versions of packages in 
their easy installers, and seldom keep track of what you have installed 
to let you know if there is a security update that should be installed.

Charlie Heath
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Maria Trombly wrote:
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>    ** If you did, we all thank you.
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> Shel, All --
> I made my web host do it for me. Basically, I complained long enough 
> and they finally went and installed WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Now 
> all I have to do is select it from my control panel, and it installs 
> automatically. In theory, I don't have to mess around with server 
> files at all -- WordPress has a control panel that lets you edit the 
> templates. In practice, though, I use Dreamweaver to edit the 
> templates and so I had to hunt around a bit to figure out what 
> directory all those files were in. Also, the template that I picked 
> does a really bad job managing image files (I guess no template is 
> 100% perfect) so you have to upload them manually.
> I use mydomain.com <http://mydomain.com> for the hosting, and haven't 
> had any problems with them, and they're been pretty supportive 
> whenever I had issues. And, as I mentioned, WordPress, Joomla and 
> Drupal now come pre-installed.
> -- Maria
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