[Hidden-tech] Programmer wanted for CMS

Anne Campbell acampbell at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 10:13:12 EST 2007

Hi all,

A client of mine is looking for a programmer to upgrade her Web site. She's
hoping to set up a CMS, among other things - her wish list is below.

If you can help, please contact her directly: Chana Luba Ertel,
chanaluba at yahoo.com. Please, I can't take phone calls or e-mails on her
behalf - she will make this decision herself.  :)

Thanks -

 *Outline of Potential Upgrades to MaternalWisdom.org*

   1. Calendar of events that can be updated by me (through content
   management system).  Clicking on Calendar events would be able to
   bring user to a sub link or description page.  Calendar would be able
   to jump to future months.
   2. Online registration form for trainings which would send an
   automatic response via email with a confirmation letter and welcome letter
   to participants
   3. Doula Directory:  People would be able to search for doulas; doulas
   would be able to create and manage their own profile.
   4. Establishment of Store (as of now it is just an affiliate store)
   There are some products that I will be selling and added more affiliate
   links as well
      1. users buying certain products ( herbs from my friend at
      EarthWise Medicinals) the orders ( perhaps payments) would go directly to
      her so she could take care of the shipping and such
      2. Payment for trainings and doula services available through
      store as well

   1. Forums page set up in the community section
   2. Search Engine Optimization
   3. Content Management system set up so I can update calendar,
   pictures, web text etc… (I am not sure what is involved with this and how
   much it allows user to do??)
   4. Submission forms for Volunteer doula program ( doula form and
   potential client form)  with automatic response letter sent via email.

Anne Campbell, acampbell at gmail.com
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