[Hidden-tech] MAC Questions about switch to OS X from OS 9

Rikk Desgres all at pinehurstpictures.com
Tue Apr 3 17:28:43 EDT 2007

I think it sounds like you need a total re-install of your system. That¹s
what I would do in your case. If you want to bring your OS9 files to OSX you
need OSX native applications to do so. You didn¹t mention what apps they
were, but most have been ported to OSX. The ones that have not, you may be
able to ³save as² to a universal format. The password it asks for is the
admin password. If you forgot it you are out of luck. A clean install would
solve your problem. Just save all of your documents to a CD/DVD/external
hard drive first.

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on 4/3/07 3:46 PM, Everything Computers at mrcomputertutor at gmail.com wrote:

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> A friend sent me the following and since I am more conversant with the PC I
> defer to the list for suggestions:
> The EMac Issues. WE are stuck in a no-man's land
> between operating systems. We constantly have to switch
> back and forth between operating systems 9 and 10 - only 9
> can get us onto the internet, but we need 10 to use the
> jazzy new printer we got. But we still can't use the new
> printer because it insists we need a password that we don't
> know. Also, how can I bring everything from 9 with me to 10
> (and vice versa)?  Also, every now and then, for no
> apparent reason when I am working on a document, a ghost
> just seems to take over and either deletes (as in one
> letter at a time) or adds spaces (almost as if some unseen
> force has its finger pressed down on either the space bar
> or the delete key and there is no way to stop it. I simply
> exit the document as quickly as I can and hope not to lose
> too much.
> 1.      can connect to internet in OS 9 but not 10
> 1. can't use printer with 9 (too new) can with 10 but it asks for a password
> we never entered 
> 2. move stuff from 9 to 10 and get rid of 9
> 3. exorcize the demon taking over machine
> Any thoughts would be helpful. thanks,
> Brendan
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