[Hidden-tech] Peerless drive to borrow?

Anne Campbell acampbell at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 22:33:42 EDT 2007

You guys were SO generous with your offers to lend a Zip drive to my
client...and now I have a request for myself.

The good news is, I spent the evening cleaning up the spaghetti of wires
under my desk, and now there's not a wire to be seen.

The bad news is, my trusty 20GB Iomega Peerless drive, which I use for daily
backups, fell off the desk during the cleanup and now won't turn on.

The good news is, just about everything on the Peerless disk is also on the
hard drive.

The bad news is, our family Quicken file, containing financial data going
back several years, is on the Peerless but is *not* on the hard drive.

Does anyone have a USB Peerless drive for PC that will take 20GB disks, that
I could borrow briefly? My previous offer of homemade brownies still stands.
I'm in Shelburne Falls but will travel a reasonable distance. I go to
Amherst often.

Thanks very much -

Anne Campbell, acampbell at gmail.com
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