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Rob Condon robcondon at charter.net
Sat Oct 15 15:48:48 EDT 2005

     I just got a Dell Latitude 510 that came with wireless capability.  While I am away on business (once a week) I would like to have internet access.  At my home office I have Charter DSL hooked to my old Dell Dimension.
      Are they folks out there that could inexpensively set up my laptop and home computer?  What I think I want is:
1.  Laptop to connect to my Charter DSL while at home without disconnecting my other computer.
2.  Enable wireless on Laptop so I can use internet and access my web based mail while I'm on the road.
3.  Other:  I don't know what I don't know.
      So, all of you readers out there now know I am a computer challenged person.
      Thanks for your replies.

Robert L. Condon, President
Longley Associates
Executive Associate, Institute for Independent Business
126 Wilson Road
Belchertown, MA 01007
robcondon at charter.net
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