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Matt Lampiasi florenceit at comcast.net
Sun Oct 16 00:33:13 EDT 2005

Hi Rob,

It's not too involved or expensive. Add a wireless access point for 
under $100, setup the notebook to connect to it securely, an hour of 
work. Add VPN capability (to also connect securely to your office 
computer from the road securely if you want) and we're still not much 
over that estimate. Myself or any number of folks on the list here could 
help with that. Call if interested, or if you know someone else - thats 
the ballpark cost you should expect to pay. Have fun! ;)

 Rob Condon wrote:

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> Hi,
>      I just got a Dell Latitude 510 that came with wireless 
> capability.  While I am away on business (once a week) I would like to 
> have internet access.  At my home office I have Charter DSL hooked to 
> my old Dell Dimension.
>       Are they folks out there that could inexpensively set up my 
> laptop and home computer?  What I think I want is:
> 1.  Laptop to connect to my Charter DSL while at home without 
> disconnecting my other computer.
> 2.  Enable wireless on Laptop so I can use internet and access my web 
> based mail while I'm on the road.
> 3.  Other:  I don't know what I don't know.
>       So, all of you readers out there now know I am a computer 
> challenged person.
>       Thanks for your replies.
> Rob
> Robert L. Condon, President
> Longley Associates
> Executive Associate, Institute for Independent Business
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> robcondon at charter.net <mailto:robcondon at charter.net>
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