[Hidden-tech] seeking fund-raising expertise/sponsor ads

A - Z International az at a-zinternational.com
Fri Oct 14 10:22:02 EDT 2005

Hi all,

You won't see it yet, but Hidden-Tech now has real fund-raising 
capabilities. We have a PayPal account soon to be visible to you on the Web 
site. Once it's up and running, you'll be hearing more about our efforts to 
raise money to sustain the organization.

We've gone gangbusters for over three years with nothing but inspiration, 
sweat equity and a little cash raised from programming. But the steering 
committee knows we can't continue this way indefinitely. Rather than create 
a membership organization and charge you an annual entrance fee, we prefer 
to ask you to help out with whatever donations you can afford.

We've had a number of members take advantage of the Web site Sponsor Ad 
program. There are plenty of slots available on the site right now. For 
more information please reach Silvana Gravini through the Contact section 
of the Web site (www.hidden-tech.net).

We are also preparing one fundraiser of the sort that WFCR, the local NPR 
affiliate, runs fairly regularly. There will be a monetary goal set and 
regular online appeals to meet that goal to cover a number of items, 
including Web site development, operations and programming.

Right now, we have a tiny budget to spend on developing this fund-raiser. 
Anyone who wants to work on this should reach me at 
az at a-zinternational.com. We can offer you plenty of PR and a small honorarium.


Amy Zuckerman


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