[Hidden-tech] Free Software News Of Interest to Small Business

Mark Bucciarelli mark at hubcapconsulting.com
Tue Oct 4 13:22:08 EDT 2005

A few selected Free Software news items of interest to small business.

New SQL-Ledger Release 
October, 2005

        SQL-Ledger is a double entry accounting system. Accounting data 
        is stored in a SQL Server, for the display any text or GUI 
        browser can be used. The entire system is linked through a chart 
        of accounts. Each item in inventory is linked to income, 
        expense, inventory and tax accounts.

        MKB: I have used this for three years now and love it.  

             If any local accountants/bookkeepers see value to offering 
             their clients a secure, on-line, and web-based accounting 
             package, please contact me off-list to discuss potential 

Massachusetts Requires OpenStandards
September, 2005

        Citing "the current and future accessibility of government 
        records, and the relative 'openness' of the format options,"
        Massachusetts CIO Peter Quinn announced new regulations that 
        require all state agencies to install applications that support 
        the OASIS Open Document Format for Office Applications by Jan 1, 

        MKB: It's strange--the two political agenda's I find myself 
             agreeing with most strongly these days are Bush's biodiesel 
             politics and Romney's software politics.  Go figure.

Berlin Migration Guide
August, 2005

        "A guide to migrating the basic software components on server 
        and workstation computers."

        When Microsoft discontinued support for Windows NT and Exhange 
        Server 5.5, Germany's Federal Ministry of the Interior decided 
        to migrate the Federal IT infrastructure to GNU/Linux.  This 504 
        page document:
            - explains the available migration paths, 
            - details the technical aspects of each path, 

            - presents the legal issues,
            - describes the economic impacts, and 

            - makes recommendations.  


    Free Software is like a Honda Civic--it's not the right car for 
    everyone, but for many it is the most reliable and affordable 
    alternative available.


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