[Hidden-tech] Hidden Tech success story

Jeanne Yocum jeanne at yourghostwriter.com
Wed Oct 5 12:43:01 EDT 2005

Hi, all,

I have  a Hidden Tech success story to share.  Tomorrow evening I will
present a 90-minute class on "How to Get Your Business in the News" at the
Center for Business and Technology at STCC.  Later this month I will present
a 4-session course on Business Writing.  These courses are a direct
outgrowth of the meeting Hidden Tech held at STCC last November.  At that
meeting, I introduced myself to Mary Breeding, Assistant VP for the Center
for Business and Technology, and arranged to meet with her to pitch several
course ideas.  

Also as a result of this new relationship, Mary recently asked me to present
a variation of the "How to Get Your Business in the News" class at a
professional development day for her peers from all of the community
colleges in the Commonwealth later this month.  Clearly, this will be a
great visibility for me and something that  would not have happened if I
hadn't attended that Hidden Tech meeting!

So, come out to our meetings...meet new people...enjoy new possibilities!
It works!

Best regards,

-- Jeanne Yocum
Tuscarora Communications, Ltd.
Member:  National Writers Union

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