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Hoping this might inspire some of you to write to him, as well.


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>Subject: letter to editor on Creative Economy
>Dear Editor,
>As founder and co-chair of the Hidden-Tech organization I was delighted to 
>see the mention of the "hidden tech" economy in the Monday, Oct. 3 
>front-page article entitled "Creative Economy: The New Success Ticket?" by 
>freelancers Neal Peirce and Curtis Johnson.
>However, the authors made no mention of Hidden-Tech, the organization, 
>which now links just under 1,000 virtual comapny entrepreneurs of all 
>sorts, along with regional institutions, and includes a number of national 
>and even global members through (www.hidden-tech.net)
>The authors are correct in their supposition that Hidden-Tech members are 
>creative and some even participate in the arts. In fact, the Hidden-Tech 
>Skills Inventory indicates that roughly a third of the respondents to this 
>survey work in the arts. Data is posted on the home page of the Web site 
>and is updated periodically. There is a break out page that indicates the 
>exact work members are doing.
>While I am a strong supporter of the arts, like Joel Kotkin, author of the 
>THE NEW GEOGRAPHY, I believe there is danger in promoting the arts as a 
>panacea or economic development. As Northampton is now discovering, as 
>other communities copy approaches -- whether it be performances or gallery 
>nights -- the formula becomes tired and old. Plus, there's then 
>competition for audience share.
>As someone who has attended a meeting of the New England Creative Economy 
>Initiative, I believe there is a stronger approach for this region to take 
>-- which is to promote creativity in a larger sense. We need to boost 
>creative industries and companies and assist them grow or spin off new 
>businesses. Hidden-Tech uncovered a growing new media industry in the 
>region almost two years ago, for example, yet no one in the economic 
>sector has stood up to back this burgeoning industry of animations, 
>videographers, video game manufacturers, etc . . . And this at a time when 
>the Northampton State Hospital begs to be developed.
>But it is good to see the Gazette address this issue. I will eagerly await 
>the rest of the series.
>Amy Zuckerman
>Hidden-Tech founder, co-chair and coiner of the term "hidden tech economy" 
>(Boston Globe Magazine, Feb. 10, 2002)


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