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Creating online forms, uploading pictures, and ecommerceDear Jonathon,

This work could be done with PHP and a MySQL database. Basically how it works is you create fields in the HTML body and as a the "submit" function, use a PHP script that will process the form. There are a few functions to upload files (for example your images) to a server through PHP. The one I have been using looks like this:

$afile = $_FILES[imagefile]['name'];  
$srcfile = $_FILES['imagefile']['tmp_name'];
$destfile = "audiofiles/".$afile;

$uploaded = false;
 if(move_uploaded_file($srcfile, $destfile))
  $uploaded = true;
  $uploaded = false;

Then you need to keep track of the files you have uploaded in the MySQL database using some SQL. I would recommend the book "PHP Fast and Easy" for the first two steps of your project. As far as the ECommerce part goes, you might want to try use PayPal. I used PayPal for an ecommerce site in the past and it wasn't too bad. Some people do not like paying with PayPal though because they have SO many security features, sometimes it is a pain just to pay. There is also WorldPay, although I have never used it before. Both payment systems have directions and samples projects that will demonstrate how to create the ecommerce portion of your site.

I hope this helps and if you have questions about it, feel free to email or call. I would offer to help you more with this project but I am going to be away for the next three and a half weeks (honeymoon ;) ). Good luck!

Paul B. Hake

paul hake productions
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