[Hidden-tech] Creating online forms, uploading pictures, and ecommerce

B. Kimo Lee bklee at azurelink.com
Mon Jul 11 18:47:45 EDT 2005

Hi Jonathan,

It sounds like your needs are fairly specific, since it involves both  
file uploads and a cart for payment. What needs to be done with images  
once uploaded, just into one directory, or individual directories for  
each exhibitor? If into one directory, how would you correlate each  
image with an exhibitor? Also, do you have your own merchant account  
and gateway, or will it go through a processor like PayPal? Is there  
one booth type, or several?

Depending upon your needs, it could become fairly complicated and  
doubtful that a prepackaged solution would meet your needs.

Contact me directly if you're interested in outsourcing.  If you have a  
standard merchant account and a secure server, I can also encrypt form  
emails containing credit-card data and send it to you, and set you up  
with a decryption program locally--saving you the higher Internet  
merchant account fees.


Kimo Lee

On Monday, July 11, 2005, at 03:59 PM, Jonathon Podolsky wrote:

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> Hello,
> I was wondering if you could suggest the fastest and least expensive  
> way to set this up.  I am interested in having a form that my  
> exhibitors can fill out online, second page would allow them to upload  
> their pictures, and third page would be a shopping cart so they can  
> purchase a booth online.  I am not sure if I should outsource this or  
> buy a prepackaged solution.  I have a tech person on staff but he has  
> not done this kind of thing before, however if there are fairly  
> straightforward instructions online somewhere he could do it although  
> we are having trouble with our cgi-bin.
> Thanks,
> Jonathon Podolsky
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