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Jeanne Yocum jeanne at yourghostwriter.com
Mon Aug 8 13:41:07 EDT 2005


For Peter and anyone else who is interested in insurance options, pls. be
aware that Hidden Tech has scheduled a meeting on Tuesday, October 25, at
the Jones Library in Amherst to discuss this very topic.  We will have a
panel of experts there who can bring us all up to date on our options.

We all had such a lively discussion on health insurance last spring on the
discussion list that we decided to put together this program.  We hope that
Rep. Ellen Story will also be there to tell us what is happening on the
state level so we know if there are bills that we should be bugging our
representatives to pass to help us.

More info will be coming on this program in September.

-- Jeanne Yocum
Tuscarora Communications, Ltd.
Member:  National Writers Union

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