[Hidden-tech] Query on computer programming skills

Chas Emerick cemerick at snowtide.com
Wed Dec 15 13:43:45 EST 2004

Ah, well that clarifies things considerably.  I (and, I suspect, many 
others on the list) had been under the impression that the survey 
represented an extension and expansion of the membership directory.  
Its primary goal of being a data point for financial and semi-political 
purposes makes the 5-skill notion seem far more reasonable.

I'm considerably surprised and pleased with your report of Mass Mutual 
being agile enough to consider tapping HT members via the directory.

Chas Emerick
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On Dec 15, 2004, at 1:26 PM, Rich Roth wrote:

> The survey, the discussion is contributing to, is first and foremost a 
> study
> of the skills of the group.  It will be used to convince the various
> planning and funding agencies that there is a solid base here that
> should be included and supported as part of various economic growth 
> initiatives.
> What exactly that means remains to be seen.


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