[Hidden-tech] Outlook email question

Rick Roberts fwroberts at mac.com
Thu Dec 9 21:02:20 EST 2004

Hi JoAnn.

You might try opening the comma-delimited file from FileMaker using 
Excel first, then importing the Excel file into Outlook. From Excel you 
can save it as a tab-delimited file that Outlook may handle better. Not 
sure though, I'm on my Mac now and can't try it...


On Dec 9, 2004, at 10:10 AM, JoAnn Lawrence wrote:

> Hi,
> I’m hoping someone out there has had experience with importing a 
> comma-delimited file into Microsoft Outlook. My problem is that when I 
> import an email address it does not appear as an address when I try to 
> send a global email from the contact folder it’s in unless I open up 
> the contact record, delete the email address, undo the delete (to pop 
> the email address back into its field) and then save and close. When I 
> import over a hundred names and email addresses from my FileMaker 
> database in this way, it’s a hassle to go into every record and 
> refresh the email address (so to speak) in this way. Does anyone else 
> have any experience with importing email data from FileMaker into 
> Outlook without having to go through this extra step?
> Thanks in advance for any insights.
> JoAnn Lawrence
> joann at hartsbrook.org
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