[Hidden-tech] Modem alternatives to Comcast/Xfinity

Tom Kopec tek at acm.org
Mon May 25 22:55:00 UTC 2020

I have an Arris SB8200 modem that we used on Comcast, available for the 
cost of shipping. LMK if you want it.

We moved to FL, and we have fiber. The ISP gives us an ethernet jack, 
the 'modem' (ONT) is free.

Down here I'm running a couple Asus wifi routers with ai-mesh and 
ethernet backhaul (though 5GHz backhaul worked OK..).. they work great, 
though I had to turn off some of the Asus "optimizations" because they 
don't f'in work (pardon my French)

Cinderblock walls down here are a bit of a challenge.


On 5/25/2020 3:06 PM, Arthur Evans via Hidden-discuss wrote:
> We've been renting Comcast modems for years, now at $14.00/month and 
> we have connectivity issues with wi-fi which we have only had moderate 
> success fixing with an extender.
> We are looking for recommendations for the advisability of buying a 
> modem with extenders for a larger home to replace Xfinity's which will 
> last well - or is it best to stick with what Xfinity provides? Any 
> good modem and extender packages recommended?  Xfinity suggested we 
> purchase xFi Pods ($119 + tax + delivery for three pods) to fix the 
> problem.  Thanks in advance.
> - Arthur
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