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Tom Kopec tek at acm.org
Thu May 14 11:15:38 UTC 2020

I think you'll find that all the local appliance shops are part of one 
of only a few "buying groups" .. so things will likely be pretty evenly 
"out of stock"

When we sold the Amherst house in mid-march, the buyers wanted the 
freezer.. "No problem!" I thought, figuring I'd just buy a new one in 
FL.. Even back then, none of the local shops in FL had any.. finally 
ended up snagging one at Best Buy, but even they are out now.

So something like Craigslist (as others have noted) is likely to be your 
only choice in the short term.

(As a side note, I've had good purchase/delivery experiences with 
Manny's over the years, though their service department has been spotty..)


On 5/13/2020 4:24 PM, Deborah Chandler via Hidden-discuss wrote:
> Hi Hidden-Techers,
> Has anyone had any luck recently buying a chest freezer at a 
> locally-owned store?
> I spoke with someone at the Manny's in Greenfield last week and they 
> said they won't be getting any back in til end of June or beginning of 
> July. Even their floor models have been sold.
> I would like some recommendations, especially if the store has a great 
> track record with customer service. (I have not done business with 
> Manny's before) I would also like the freezer delivered.
> Thanks!
> Deb

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