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Shel Horowitz shel at principledprofit.com
Thu May 14 11:06:59 UTC 2020

We've been impressed with Manny's customer service and have bought many
appliances from the Hadley store for decades. Manny also sells a wonderful
line of Greek olives and olive oil via River Valley Co-op and I met The Man
Himself when he was demoing there. Perhaps they would let you put in an
advance order; you probably won't need a stand-alone freezer until at least
July anyway.

We actually bought a freezer from them last August. One thing I liked is
that they offered an in-between model that was the right size for us. It's
an Insignia, slightly above 22 inches in both length and width, and I think
it holds 5.2 cu ft. This was a good size for a two-person household with an
active garden. We filled it completely by the end of October, and emptied
it completely and unplugged it last month. We almost bought a much larger
one online that would have been too big for the space. The freezer in our
fridge is still fairly crowded, because we moved everything out of the
chest freezer once we had room to combine. It worked well. There was a
small amount of ice buildup but after we unplugged it I left it wide open
for three or four days and it first melted, then evaporated. During this
off-time, I'm closing it but with a rag between the hatch and the freezer
body, so it can't fully close (and won't go moldy).

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On Wed, May 13, 2020 at 4:24 PM Deborah Chandler via Hidden-discuss <
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> Hi Hidden-Techers,
> Has anyone had any luck recently buying a chest freezer at a locally-owned
> store?
> I spoke with someone at the Manny's in Greenfield last week and they said
> they won't be getting any back in til end of June or beginning of July.
> Even their floor models have been sold.
> I would like some recommendations, especially if the store has a great
> track record with customer service. (I have not done business with Manny's
> before) I would also like the freezer delivered.
> Thanks!
> Deb
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